Why Iran Is Syria?

Iran has continued to be an unwavering supporter of the current Syrian ruler's regime. The one thing that surprises most of the peoples the reason why a country would choose to send its military people in a war zone, yet the war is not directed to them. Due to this, there is a need for people to understand that even though the civil war is not in Iran, it is indirectly affecting its economy and to some extent its national stability. There is also the fear that other countries may get to interfere with Iran and hence the need to ensure that the war does not extend to their country. Click this link www.foreignpolicy.com/author/mark-dubowitz/ to see more information.

Apart from the fact that Iran offers political support to Syria, there are special interests that the country stands to enjoy due to its support. In regards to this, it is vital to have it at the back of your mind that the Iranian uprising was possible due to the provision of geographical thoroughfare to the Lebanon militia. The geographic thoroughfare is usually provided by Syria. As it is, Syria is crucial in some of Iran's operations. Among the many things that keep the Iranians motivated to keep helping the Syrians, one of them is the fear that the post-reigning regime will deny them the access that they currently have. Witness the best info that you will get about Iran is Syria check this website.

To help the Syrian people fight effectively, the Iranian government has helped them develop war tools. This is evident through the deployment of some of the Iranian scientists, precursor chemicals and also equipment to Syria. With these, the Syrian government has been able to develop and also use chemical weapons in fighting the people who are against the government. On top of this support, the country has also offered its military and financial support to help meet the operation costs and also purchase essential items. Increase your knowledge about Iran is Syria through visiting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran%E2%80%93Syria_relations.

In the last thirty years, Iran has been trying to forge religious and cultural bonds between these two countries. This is evident through the highly reduce flight and also hotel fees that Iran has been offering to its citizens who visit Syria. Even though Iran has been offering its unwavering support in the hope of strengthening its ties with Syria and also bringing the civil war to an end, it has encountered a lot of challenges. Two of the main challenges that it has been facing is the ability to maintain the huge financial aid and also ability to deal with the international sanctions that it has been slapped with.